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  Here is an old interview from PeoplesinternetRadio with the founder Kat McCarthy of our free online Magazine The Magic Happens Magazine. Enjoy!

Conversation with Aeson. Each Week Aeson Knight shares his view ask you to join in and share your view on interesting topics and your calls as you are the cohost, share you views and get your most burning question answered. You get a chances to really share your views and have real Talk with a […]

We connect through our stories. We seek to learn more about ourselves, while learning more about others because we want to find that which is similar. Having that bond is essential to living whole-heartedly. Tell Me a Story is home to conversations with people from all over the world, sharing their ideas, experiences and accomplishments. […]

Nancy Zimmerman and Friends is an eclectic variety show, A LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE Nancy’s show will be a combination of conversation and interview format. She and her friends will tackle some of the tough topcs like human trafficking, depression and anxiety, women’s issues, and more. In addition, she will have topics that touch […]

Kat’s Got Your Tongue is a delightfully light podcast intended to bring writers from The Magic Happens Magazine into a cozy, more human light then their professional lives usually allow. Get to know  a writer from The Magic Happens Magazine in a new way as Kat spends some time with a different person each week. […]

Writing is an art that will make you better and better the more you expose Your writing to others. Writing is telling a story, and stories can be told With no writing at all. You can tell Your stories here on the TMH Talk Radio or you can interview someone about Their own stories. What […]

Become A Writer for The Magic Happens Magazine – by Kat McCarthy Why We Do What We Do: We want to make a difference and leave the world a better place then we found it. We want to provide uplifting and life-giving content to everyone who searches for it by making it easy to find. That […]

If someone were to ask you “why do you make podcasts?” how would you answer them? When a podcaster is clear about why they are putting the time and effort into creating a podcast, their audience will happily spend their valuable time listening to what they have to say week after week. Take my wife’s podcast, […]

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