Kat’s Got Your Tongue – Debbra Lupien

Kat McCarthy

In this Talk Radio episode, Kat interviews the writer and radiohost Debbra Lupien.
Debbra is a featured writer at The Magic Happens Magazine.

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of AkashaUnleashed.com, is a bestselling Author, Speaker and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping women discover their soul purpose, embrace their magnificence, and unleash their potential. Debbra believes The Akashic Records are your birthright. A powerful tool intended to be used to help you create a magnificent, even magical life. When you need answers, when you want to understand yourself better, when you’re ready to discover buried treasure, consult your Akashic Records. There the truth will be revealed: the treasure is you and it was all along.

Website: AkashaUnleashed.com
Email: answers@akashaunleashed.com
Facebook: AkashaUnleashed

Location: Poconos of Pennsylvania USA

I have an ebook: How To Recognize Messages From Your Guides that I’d like to share if that’s appropriate: http://akashaunleashed.com/messages-from-guides

In my Book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You, I share about how I was lead to find my purpose “All Because of a Horse.” There’s volumes I could share personal and professional there.

Defining moment is finally discovering my own value which fuels my passion to help others discover theirs.
Anything specific what comes to mind is what a challenge it has been as a writer to come up with something I want to write that includes the theme word(s) each month. Not sure if that is appropriate though.

I’m very saturated with my work. Of late helping people understand they don’t have to be victims of their gifts. Understanding that free choice is everything, it’s not about some obligation from on high.

The most important question in life is “What feeds my soul?” Figure that out and do it and you’ll be unstoppable. There’s more downright bliss to be found in that direction. The rest just falls into place with more ease. Doesn’t mean life is perfect, just means you’re equipped to handle it without capsizing. Hope that all makes sense.



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