One Million Meditators Movement

Written by on September 22, 2018

1 Million Meditators is a global meditation movement of highly conscious individuals who are raising the vibration of the planet to help it thrive again! We come together as ONE to connect with each other and with Universal Love, to spread LOVE and LIGHT, by raising our own vibration and that of our beautiful blue planet, ensuring that she thrives for future generations! Via our global meditations 1Million Meditators’ intent is to feel LOVE for ourselves and for the planet, all of its people regardless of age, race, nationality, creed, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation, for all it’s sentient beings, flora and fauna, and bodies of water!

By 2020 we’ll be 1,000,000 Meditators!
Let us be remembered as the 1Million Meditators Movement that reached the tipping point and changed humanity’s consciousness and the future of our planet to one of Love, Abundance, Peace and Harmony.
Will you be One in a Million?
Do say YES! Mother Earth needs you!
Love Yourself & the Planet!

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