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Written by on May 21, 2016

Become A Writer for The Magic Happens Magazine – by Kat McCarthy

Why We Do What We Do:

We want to make a difference and leave the world a better place then we found it. We want to provide uplifting and life-giving content to everyone who searches for it by making it easy to find. That means we need to help writers and wisdom providers to make their material readily available to those seekers.

“I am so happy to be a part of The Magic Happens Community and highly recommend it to anyone interested in sharing their expertise, products and services with others from around the world. We have so many opportunities to submit different types of articles based on our own interests and preferences. The love and support from all members makes it so easy to participate and it’s a wonderful opportunity for expanding your business globally.”

~Marisa Ferrera
Colombia, South America
#1 International Best Selling Author of,
“Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway
to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire”~

How we got here:

Founder Kathleen (Kat) McCarthy comes from a long history of personal development and spiritual exploration and viral marketing efforts for wisdom products.

Kat participated in the creation of an enormous community called Powerful Intentions which was based on the work of Abraham-Hicks. The leader of Powerful Intentions eventually brought the movie ‘The Secret’ and its creator into Powerful Intention.

Kat was blessed to participate in the viral marketing campaign that assisted in a huge way with the success of the secret. When that finally wound down, Kat and founding friends decided to make The Magic Happens Magazine.

Today, 11 years later, The Magic Happens Media encompasses the magazine, TMH talk radio on demand and continuing development of resources for writers and readers of uplifting content.

Who we are:

We are a community of writers, teachers and wisdom product creators helping each other get our wisdom products out to a larger group of people hungry for transformative information and processes. We also support new writers learning to express their own wisdom in empowering ways.
How We Have Progressed:

The yearly article hit for The Magic Happens Magazine at the end of 2017 was just above 4.8 million and we had 124.000 + unique readers. The popularity of TMH free online Magazine is really growing!

More than 12.000 unique readers from 185 countries read the majority of the Magazine EVERY month.

This amazing amount of traffic is created through a viral marketing effort from of our writers working together with the founding team. Therefore, there are some requirements to becoming an author with us. We will get back to that in a minute.

The Benefits To Our Community Of Writers:

1. Have your work exposed to over 124,000 unique, hungry readers over the next year. How could that benefit your work and your bottom line?

2. Work with a team of 40+ writers, marketers and other team members to tell your story to the widest possible targeted audience.

3. Have your articles edited by an award winning, number one best selling author.

4. Get to know a support team that respects what you do and knows what you have gone through trying to get your work out to those you want to contribute too.

5. Be free to spend more time on your product and helping the people you most want to reach and less time on the marketing grind.

6. Become a better writer through regular practice and the support and encouragement of a community. Many people have used the magazine to write their first books. Submit an article each month, call it a chapter, and after a year or two, you have a good size book nearly ready to go.

7. Put some fun back in your life and hang out with a like minded, playful community of people who feel like family and care about your success.

How much is all that worth to you? Because of the participation of the entire writer’s team, there are some requirements. That just make sense doesn’t it?

The Requirements:

1. Our number 1 requirement is that posts must always be uplifting. There are no topics that are taboo, but all posts must have the potential of leaving the writer feeling uplifted.

2. Since this is a planned viral marketing strategy, everyone is required to write a minimum of at least one article every 3 months. That’s 4 times a year. Of course, there is also a maximum which is 4 articles per month. That’s one article in each of our 4 categories. We will be adding more categories in the future but for now it is four. We will explain that a little further down.

3. Again, because of the planned viral marketing strategy everyone is required to share something from the magazine every month. It’s ok if you just share your own articles AND we have found that by sharing other people’s articles, it makes them more likely to share yours.

4. This magazine is free for anyone to read. The fact that it is free means it has the potential to reach more people who are looking for the thing you have to offer. We also try to keep the advertising to a minimum. Peter and Kat do most of the work to keep this on line and running smoothly for free. And yet the bills need to be paid. Our authors have all agreed to pay $60 per year (that’s $5 dollars a month) to help keep this show running.

How We Work

As mentioned above, there are 4 categories that you can post in.

The theme: Each month we provide 3 prompt words for you to choose from (or use them all if you want. Use of the prompt words gets your article in the theme section of the magazine. The themed section is the first part of the magazine and is the most popular for most readers and writers.

A column: Each writer gets column space. That is your space to do with as you wish. A great way to start with your column is the write an introduction article for yourself. The only thing we would suggest is that you don’t use this space as a sales letter. Folks want to know who you are long before they want to what you are selling. The wise thing is to use your profile page to tell about what you have and then use your column space to help folks feel like old friends, which will make them want to know what you have.

Inspired to do: The Inspired to do section is a ‘how to.’ You can put anything here that you want to share as long as it is your own. No cut and pastes. We’ve had everything from ‘How to make beer’ to ‘How to talk to a tree’ to ‘How to stop judging’ to how to make insect repellant.’ People love to read how to articles and when we have enough, we will make a book out of them. What fun!!

Review: The review section is what it sounds like. You can write a review about anything and put it up here. Really, anything can be reviewed. A great book. A car you bought. A perogy you ate. Your neighbour’s lawn. The only thing you are not allowed to review is yourself. Cuz that would just be weird, right?


The Extras:

Book Store: Are you an author of your own books? We have a bookstore and we use our authors amazon links to populate it. That means that when you sell any books through the bookstore, you get all the money. We don’t want your share. What we want is for our readers to see that we have serious writers.

TMH Talk Radio On Demand: We want our writers to have as many opportunities to present themselves to a hungry audience as possible. Our most recent offering is talk radio on demand offering you your own profile page, archive page, with air play and apps on itunes and stitcher and also airplay on apple tv. This service is a paid service and it is available to writers are a discounted price and the general public.

Event Calendar: As a writer, you also have access to our event calendar. If you are attending an event, you can put your event in the calendar to increase the likelihood that you will bump into one of your readers which helps you build community and therefore, strengthens your ability to share your wisdom products.

You can also post any events that you are hosting which gives you all of the benefits of above and also adds and extra marketing stream and adds extra credibility.

Facebook Group: Hanging out with like minded people who care about your success can be the deal maker. We maintain a secret Facebook group to support you as a member of The Magic Happens Community in your capacity as a writer, a podcaster, as a business person trying to be good at what you do and as a human being doing your best to provide wisdom to those seeking it.

Round Table Calls: Once a month we host a Round Table Call. RTC is provided to help you get your questions answered as easily as possible and to again, surround yourself with like minded community. An extra bonus to the call is getting to offer your input on how this project evolves. We are aware that we are not the only smart people in the world and since we are creators more then users, we want the input of those who use the system most.

Audio Articles: Provide us with the audio of you reading your article and we will post it for you. It will also be included in a new podcast show soon to be released called, ‘the writers corner.’

Hopes For The Future:

Video FAQs: We are working towards having only video FAQs. Short little videos that show you exactly how to do things. No fuss, no muss.

The School: It is our intention and desire to offer you a teaching space to offer courses to those who are searching to know what you know.

Publishing House: Many of our writers are self published authors. ISBN numbers can be tricky and a headache especially for those writing their first books. We want to have a TMH ISBN number to offer our writers.

Magic Happens Books:   There is so much great content in both present and past editions of The Magic Happens Magazine that we have decided to publish anthologies. With your permission of course.

The Boring Stuff:

1. The number one, most important rule is that everything must be uplifting. Let’s be that other voice in the world that feeds people what they need.

2. The due date for a written article is the 16th of the month.

3. Due dates for audio articles is the 27th of the month.

4. There are no word count requirements. Please just keep in mind what you would want to read.

The Talk Around Town:
“I am happy to be part of this inspirational group with all the different insights. We all bring in our own unique point of view, which is challenging every month. I share this with friends and family, because I believe there is for everyone something to love and like. Inspiration is abundantly present within every edition of The Magic Happens Magazine, through the different themes. I love the challenges with those themes, to bring it in the now present time for the meaning it represents for me. To me to be part of The Magic Happens Magazine, is one of great importance. I love to feel the uplifting energy that is to be found every month with new insights.”

~Rhea Dopmeijer, Netherlands~


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