Get your own Talk Radio Show – Become a Podcaster

Written by on May 18, 2016

If someone were to ask you “why do you make podcasts?” how would you answer them? When a podcaster is clear about why they are putting the time and effort into creating a podcast, their audience will happily spend their valuable time listening to what they have to say week after week.

Take my wife’s podcast, Kat’s Got Your Tongue, for example. Its purpose is to present the writers in The Magic Happens Magazine, to humanize the writers and her as a business owners and to hold a space for the conversations and beliefs the writers have of how to uplift people. They also talk about the health and future of this popular Online Magazine how it can be run for the benefit of all, which in turn, attracts more potential writing talent and speakers to work with her on The Magic Happens Magazine. This has been the show’s purpose from day one.

Very soon it has the numbers to attract sponsors for it self.  This is just one example where having a clearly defined ‘why’ helps to make a decision about the form of the show.

When becoming a Podcaster With TMH Talk Radio: Your shows will automaticly be available on the Apple podcast, Apple TV and the Stitcher App preferred by million of Android owners.

My advice is to take some time, it doesn’t have to be long, to write down why you’re putting the time and effort into creating a podcast.

Maybe you want to connect with others in your field, maybe it’s because you see a gap in your field that you want to fill, or maybe you want to deepen your connection with your audience. Whatever it is, keep this answer at the forefront of your mind when making your next episode because having a ‘why’ will guide you at almost every decision point in your podcast’s life.

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